Sunday, June 22, 2014


Before you take the exam, one of the staff members will ask to register your name in the attendance logbook and validate your ID. After verifying my identification, she gave me keys where I can put all my things. Remember, identification documents are the only personal things you are allowed to have in the testing area. Gadgets and other devices are not permitted but you are allowed to bring soft ear plugs (with no wires/cords attached) or center-supplied tissues in the test room.
I came an hour earlier so I thought I still have to wait for the scheduled time but the staff member asked me to go inside to take the test. Inside the room, there are 3 staff members who assisted me before I went to the actual testing area, one of them will check your pockets by asking you to turn it inside out. The guy who assisted me even asked to raise my slacks/pants legs above my ankles prior to entry into the test room. They used a hand held metal detector to ensure security. Right after, another staff will ask again for your ID, your photo will be taken which will also appear on your score report. He input my information to their database and verifies it with me if information is correct.
Someone escorted me to the testing room. The area has several cubicles with computers inside and each has its own CCTV. You will be continuously monitored by video, physical walk-throughs and the observation window during your test. All testing sessions are video and audio recorded.

The exam....
The exam covers almost everything, there are questions that were really nerve cracking but there are also some which are quite easy. On my case, I got most questions related to pediatric nursing like Cystic Fibrosis, Chron's disease, Celiac disease, Anemia, Congenital Heart diseases and many others, I didn't get any question related to computation and drugs though.
You have an option to mark your unsure answers to questions during the test, and if you still have remaining time then you can go back or review previous questions with marked unsure. You have 2 hours to finish the 70-item test. Remember to take the sample online test few days before the test. The good thing is you will get your result right after finishing the exam then someone will give the printed result with signature and dry seal. Remember to be careful with the paper because they only give one copy of it.
Godbless and Goodluck!!!


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